Service mapping is a Service Design process that helps you pull together data from 3 different perspectives that collectively contribute to the success of your service.

Download our service mapping canvas that captures the process on a single sheet of A3/tabloid size paper.


Just work your way through it, trust the process and answer each question (research if necessary - don’t guess, do the work) to get the answers.

That’s all - you’ll find you’ll need to

  • Talk to

    • Pre-customers (people who are not your customers yet),

    • New customers and

    • Ex-customers to discover what they think.

    • Don’t bias them and don’t ask leading questions. Truth is your friend here.

  • Look at competitors and pay some people to buy from them. This might be painful but you will discover things you didn’t know. Afterwards, you will be grateful you did it.

  • Bottom line, you’ll…

    • Discover who your visitors are, what they need and their actions.

    • Take a long hard look at who you are and what you are offering people.

    • Need to “own” the truth of the difference between what you want people to experience and what they do experience and then you’ll need to make an expensive decision. Are you going to be the best that you can be, or not?

If you stick with the process, and act on what it reveals, your service will grow. You’ll have a hard time stopping it!

Feel free to reach out to us at any time. We’re happy to help.