Our CX audits don’t just uncover growth blockages, unmet user needs and untapped opportunity.

They’re digital growth strategies.

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Described as “a formidable evangelist for the customer”, Andrew helps businesses see their service through their customer’s eyes. Often cathartic, Customer Experience (CX) Audits are game changers: bringing hidden barriers into the light, revealing unknown customer issues and identifying new business opportunity.

Twelve years digital accountability for strategy, design, implementation and revenue tracking has taught Andrew how to grow user engagement, sales, customer satisfaction and revenue regardless of territory, sector or vertical.

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B2B, B2C, Retail, Education, Financial services, Travel, Tourism, Insurance, Media, Government, Technology, Charity.



Challenge: Needed to increase proportion of digital sales versus other channels.

Insight: Potential customers are intimidated, confused & expect it to be painful.

Strategy: Update brand positioning to be welcoming, simple and playful. Serve users by answering their questions and assisting them in answering difficult questions. Create a playful way of figuring how much their family needs.

Result: Average monthly revenue grew 217% within 13 weeks of launch.

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Challenge: 300,000 unnecessary phone calls per day is unsustainable. A web based “digital advisor” confused people instead of helping them. We were asked to fix it.

Insight: Customers didn’t understand what it offered, how to use it or how to answer questions it asked.

Strategy: The value proposition needed to be presented differently, tone of language and vocabulary needed to change and some difficult parts within the process needed to be redesigned from scratch. We placed a 3-person team who redesigned, rewrote and retested the advisor experience until customers could get answers successfully without needing to call.

Result: Our process was adopted by the client for all future work because 49,000 new customers used within 8 weeks and 42% said it saved them a phone call.


integrate 3rd party product and optimize customer experience

Challenge: Client wanted to integrate a 3rd party product to a high enough standard so it felt like the client’s own product and maximize conversion of enquiries to sale.

Insight: The customer experience was poor. Some mandatory questions were hard for customers to answer, with no help offered, terms and conditions were poorly worded inducing anxiety, visual design was cluttered and didn’t aid customer comprehension or sales conversion.

Strategy: Removed unnecessary questions from process, redesigned the interface from scratch with a focus on simplification, rewrote using clear language and gave the user a sense of control.

Result: Customer conversion grew 83% and average weekly revenue doubled within 6 weeks.


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